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MIXED Red Dates + Almond | Kurma Merah + Kacang Badam | Packaging 1 pack = 15 Pieces
Price RM7.99 RM12.00
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Price is for 1 Pack = 15 Pieces
PRODUCT BRAND : Smart Snacking Market
# Only Natural Red Dates & Almond
# Non Oil
# Non Animals
# Non Alcohol
# Non Flavoring
# Non Preservatives
# Non Sugar
# Non Salt
PRODUCT ORIGIN : China (Red Dates - Jujube) & USA (Almond)
PRODUCT TASTE : Great taste Soft Red Dates + Almond.
STORAGE GUIDE : Store in Air-tight container / bag at cool & dry place
BEST CONSUME : For optimal quality & freshness, best consume immediately after package is open.

⭐ Every Pack = 15 Pieces

Disclaimers: All product pictures shown & health benefits mentioned are for general reading only. Most of our store products are agriculture in nature, therefore the ACTUAL products in term of Colour; Taste & Sizes may differ slightly from batch to batch due to many factors such as (Harvesting Technique, Season & Weather). 

What's in the box
  • [PRODUCT]: Your Ready-To-Eat Red Dates + Almond in a resealable zipper bag (perfect for repeatly open & close with strong sealing). 
  • [PACKAGING]: All products packaging are carefully bubble wrapped for ultimate protection while in transit to you.