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Variety Nuts | Aneka Kacang | Packaging Each Pack = 50G
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Nut Types

PRODUCT BRAND: Smart Snacking Market
PRODUCT NAME: Kacang Aneka Pilihan | Variety Mix Nuts
PRODUCT TYPE: Ready to eat
PRODUCT TASTE : Great taste of Various Mixed Nuts
STORAGE GUIDE :  Store in Air-tight container / bag at cool & dry place
BEST CONSUME : For optimal quality & freshness, best consume within 1 weeks after package is open.
1. Kacang Hijau (Green Bean)
    Kacang Hijau (Green Bean), Garam (Salt), Minyak Sayuran (Vegetable Oil)

2. Kacang Tanah Shandong original (Roasted Shandong Peanuts)
    Kacang Tanah (Peanut) (Unsalted & Original Taste)

3. Kacang Tepung Shandong Krispy (Crispy Shandong Peanuts)
    Kacang (Peanut), Tepung Gandum (Flour), Gula Halus (Sugar), Garam (Salt), Minyak Sayuran (Vegetable Oil)

4. Kacang Parang (Broad Bean)
    Kacang Parang (Broad Bean), Garam (Salt), Minyak Sayuran (Vegetable Oil)

5. Kacang Bijian Soya Kari (Curry Sesame Peanut)
    Kacang (Nuts), Tepung Gandum (Flour), Gula Halus (Sugar), Garam (Salt), Bijan (Sesame), 
    Minyak Sayuran (Vegetable Oil)


Disclaimers: All product pictures shown & health benefits mentioned are for general reading only. Most of our store products are agriculture in nature, therefore the ACTUAL products in term of Colour; Taste & Sizes may differ slightly from batch to batch due to many factors such as (Harvesting Technique, Season & Weather). Kindly adhere strictly on storage advice for optimal quality.

What's in the box
  • [PRODUCT]: Your Ready-To-Eat Variety Nuts in a resealable zipper bag (perfect for repeatly open & close with strong sealing). 
  • [PACKAGING]: All products packaging are carefully bubble wrapped for ultimate protection while in transit to you.